Joel fucks Austin

I bet that when Austin first arrived at CF, he never imagined he’d eventually end up on his hands and knees, his muscles taut and flexing as he rocked back and forth, moaning in obvious pleasure, while fucking himself on the stiff dick of the man behind him! But that’s precisely where he finds himself […]

Joe gets fucked for the first time

Brent is just a master when it comes to breaking a guy in, and that’s on display here as much as in any other video he’s done as he is the one to fuck Joe for the first time ever. Joe’s already had the opportunity to use that big, meaty dick of his on both […]

College wrestler Jay

Jay just makes us melt. He’s so soft-spoken, with such warm eyes and a totally charming smile complete with adorable dimples. After pulling you in with that face, he then blows you over with that hot body! Thank goodness for college wrestlers and all the oozing hotness they supply the world with. Jay is one […]

Dawson fucks Travis

Travis dove head on in to hot, guy-on-guy action here at CF and has made quite a name for himself in the process. He’s quickly become one of the most-requested guys in the CF stable and one of the most enthusiastically received. In fact, I was recently on a trip with some friends and, invariably […]

Freshmen Tim jerks off

Tim’s quite a find, if I do say so myself! He has a great face, with really hot eyes and an awesome set of lips. When he took off his shirt for this solo, it was all I could do to not exclaim “Goodness gracious!”. His body is wonderfully cut and defined in a natural […]

Jeff bottoming for TJ

It’s been quite a long while since we last saw Jeff on ACM as he bottomed for Brent. In fact, I’d gotten a lot of e-mails from members concerned Jeff might not be coming back at all! Well, don’t worry because he is indeed back and, moreover, bottoming once again! 😉 He looks even hotter […]