Perfect Guy Riley strokes his cock

Introducing PerfectGuyz Riley, an exceptional specimen of beauty and masculinity, typifying the All American Male. Riley stands 6 feet tall, 175 lbs of lean rippling muscle, with gorgeous lapis blue eyes, chestnut hair and a luscious 7 inch cut cock. Riley is from Colorado where he is enjoying his freshman year of college. Excelling is […]

Freshmen Chet jerks off

Introducing Chet, without a doubt, one of the sexiest guys ever to appear on the PerfectGuyz silver screen! Chet is quite simply an exquisitely handsome man. He’s physically flawless. Indeed, from his perfect height and weight of 6’2” and 185lb to his supple completion and bronze skin to his shredded, ripped, muscular physique, Chet is […]

Perfect Guy Rhys

Occasionally we come across a college boy who has that unique “spark”. Although difficult to articulate, it’s best described as a unique combination of sex appeal and personality that together radiate a confident individuality. Rhys is a college boy with that special “Spark”. His face is classically handsome and boyish. Rhys’ eyes are especially breathtaking, steel […]