Neil strokes his big cock

Neal is 21 years old and active-duty Army. He was between deployments when a friend of mine brought him in. He had a full head of hair and some facial hair, which is unusual for active military. “Yeah, I always grow it out whenever I can,” he said. “An Army buddy of mine told me […]

Freshmen Chet jerks off

Introducing Chet, without a doubt, one of the sexiest guys ever to appear on the PerfectGuyz silver screen! Chet is quite simply an exquisitely handsome man. He’s physically flawless. Indeed, from his perfect height and weight of 6’2” and 185lb to his supple completion and bronze skin to his shredded, ripped, muscular physique, Chet is […]

Perfect Guy Rhys

Occasionally we come across a college boy who has that unique “spark”. Although difficult to articulate, it’s best described as a unique combination of sex appeal and personality that together radiate a confident individuality. Rhys is a college boy with that special “Spark”. His face is classically handsome and boyish. Rhys’ eyes are especially breathtaking, steel […]

Furry Gabriel

Yes! He is 19! Yeah, I know, he looks a bit more mature than that. When I first got Gabriel’s sample photos, I could see he had lots of natural body hair that was trimmed up and would totally rock once it was grown out a bit. Fortunately, he had already given up on his […]

Dawson fucks Travis

Travis dove head on in to hot, guy-on-guy action here at CF and has made quite a name for himself in the process. He’s quickly become one of the most-requested guys in the CF stable and one of the most enthusiastically received. In fact, I was recently on a trip with some friends and, invariably […]

Seth: dildo play

Seth is a really cool guy with a sexy look and a nice smooth athletic bod. He turns 21 in a few months, and he is eager to be able to go out to the clubs. Until then he can still have a lot of fun, and we witnessed it first hand. We know you […]