Jay Smith busts a nut

Jay Smith is a spunky junior from California. Extremely sexy from head to toe, Jay made us all drool when we first met him in person. He talks quite a bit about his love of weekend partying, and we can only imagine being a fly on the wall during one of his more fun evenings! […]

Glenn Phillips busts a nut

Glenn Phillips starts off this hot jerk-off video telling us about his favorite past-times, which include fucking as much as possible, learning how to fly single engine planes, and other types of thrill seeking activities. Glenn certainly has a history of doing out-of-the-ordinary activities, but at least in his intro video on College Dudes he is […]

Cole Gartner fucks Matt Spiers

Cole Gartner and Matt Spiers start off this video hot and heavy, pawing at each other after having ripped each others clothes off. before long, Matt dives onto Coles rock-hard dick. Matt seems to be a real cock lover, and Cole is loving every minute of Matt working his tongue and throat all over that dick. […]